What Role Can Floating Offshore Wind Farms Play For Green Hydrogen?
HIL gives you a snapshot into how floating offshore wind farms in Spain will significantly boost green hydrogen production.

Floating offshore wind farms could give a significant boost to green hydrogen production. It comes as Spain plan a mass rollout in Andalusia. 

If plans go ahead, it will see an installed capacity of 300MW to power green hydrogen production in the country. The Mar de Ágata project will be located in the Mediterranean Sea. 

The wind farm will include 20 wind turbines, each with an output of 15MW each. The location means there is no need for an offshore substation, saving cost and time for implementing the project. 

While the project doesn’t cover the whole energy supply needed to create 20 tonnes of hydrogen a day, it goes a long way to ensuring the process runs smoothly. 

On top of this, 300MW would provide enough clean energy to meet 28% of the current electricity consumption of Almeria. It would also reduce 12 million tonnes of CO2 emissions over 30 years.