How will 23 Hydrogen Projects Across Spain Produce a Low-Carbon Future?
As Endesa set out plans for 23 renewable hydrogen projects across Spain, HIL gives you a snapshot of the project.

Endesa have set out their plans for 23 renewable hydrogen projects in Spain to the Ministry of Ecological Transition. To start up 340MW of power in electrolysers, there will need to be a €2.9 Billion investment. 

On top of this, 2,000MW of renewable energy will be used to power the projects. Such a large scale project will lead to 620 long term jobs and a further 320 jobs in subsequent operation and maintenance over the next 20 years. 

The peninsular electrolysis projects require a €2 billion investment and will build 8 electrolysers for green hydrogen production. 

Non-peninsular projects will require €900 million and will provide the project with electrolysers that will add 25MW, preparing plants to operate with bi-fuel, and converting other operating plants to work with hydrogen/gas.