The €1M Grant Aiming to Amplify Portugal’s Hydrogen Economy
Fusion Fuel has received approval for a €1 million grant to support the development of the hydrogen economy in the Alentejo region of Portugal. How will it boost Portugal’s efforts in advancing its green hydrogen work?

As part of the H2tALENT consortium, Fusion Fuel will be backed by the European Innovation Fund’s Horizon Europe Programme.

H2tALENT is a consortium of 29 partners from six countries across Europe and sponsored by the University of Évora, created to develop small-scale hydrogen valleys.

It is expected that the Alentejo Hydrogen Valley will produce over 1,200 tonnes of green hydrogen annually, consumed by multiple off-takers within the industrial ecosystem in Sines.

The deep-water port will represent a strategic multi-modal hub for integration within the broader European economy.

In addition, the grant funding is expected to go towards automation equipment for the company’s Évora demonstration facility, along with engineering work for the Sines I project.

In 2022, Fusion Fuel received an estimated €10 million grant from the Portuguese Government to develop the 6.6MW project in Sines.

Understood to be worth €25 million the project will produce approximately 764 tonnes of green hydrogen annually. It is set to be used for mobility and industrial applications in Sines or blended into the natural gas grid.