Studies Commence for EU’s First Hydrogen Corridor
The first major European hydrogen corridor, H2Med, now has contracts in place for preliminary engineering and environmental impact studies.

The pipeline comprises of hydrogen interconnection between Portugal and Spain as well as a subsea pipeline connecting Spain and France (BarMar).

For the preliminary engineering studies, the Wood company have been contracted to perform the analysis of route alternatives and select the corridor of the BarMar project.

The work will involve the analysis of potential routes for the offshore pipeline to connect Barcelona to Marseille across the Mediterranean sea, with the preferred route for BarMar coming after comprehensive evaluation considering technical, economic, environmental, and societal perspectives.

Additionally, societal and environmental studies are to be conducted by Tecnoambiente, supported by Francom and Natural Power.

H2Med, a €2.5 billion project launched in October 2022, was selected by the European Commission on 28 November last year to be included on the list of Project of Common Interest (PCI).

The transnational initiative seeks to connect the hydrogen networks of the Iberian Peninsula with those in Northwest Europe, with the ultimate goal to supply Europe with affordable, renewable hydrogen by 2030.