Romanian Hydrogen Pipeline Project Announces Completion
CRC Evans has completed work on a Romanian hydrogen pipeline project. How will this enhance the company’s presence in the hydrogen sector?

The company’s experienced welding team was instrumental in the delivery of more than 5,100 mainline welds across a 50 km pipeline in the Podisor region of the Black Sea, comprising both 40-inch and 48-inch diameters at 12.5mm wall thickness.

Initially intended to transport natural gas, the pipeline was redesigned to be constructed as ‘hydrogen ready’ in a move to support lifetime extension and future use.

CRC Evans collaborated with the end-client to understand the requirements of the infrastructure and provide an innovative solution based on a modification of an established welding approach, helping to address the additional challenges that working with hydrogen can bring.

There is a heightened risk of stress corrosion across the pipeline as a consequence of hydrogen permeating the steel microstructure. The company ensured low steel hardness throughout the weld, improving operational outcomes by combatting embrittlement and the increased risk of pipeline steel cracking.

This allowed it to deliver a reliable welding procedure using its mechanised P625 dual torch welding system, where the resultant qualified parameters were able to meet the specific project requirements.

Completion of the project marks notable growth for the company in the hydrogen welding space, further enhancing its expertise in an emerging field.