Hydrogen-powered Vessel set to Sail in Switzerland
Axpo will work with Lake Lucerne Navigation Company (SGV) to deploy a hydrogen-powered passenger vessel. How will this help the country to expand its green hydrogen portfolio?  

It is said that Axpo will be providing the hydrogen for the operation before SGV will convert it for use within the planned vessel.

Work has already begun to prepare for a plant in Bürglen, Switzerland, which is expected to be operational in 2025.

The H2Uri project is aiming to produce up to 260 tonnes of green hydrogen annually with a capacity of 2 MW.

Responsible for the planning, authorisation, and conversion of the vessel, will be Swiss shipbuilders Shiptec AG. This will sail on Lake Lucerne.

In addition, the project also includes EWA-energieUri and AVIA  Schätzle and is supported by Switzerland’s Federal Office of Transport (FOT).

Going forward, Axpo is also planning a 15 MW hydrogen production plant in Wildegg-Brugg, along with its involvement in several Italian, French, and Icelandic projects.