Netherlands Look Towards Green Hydrogen as They Cut Emissions
Since the Netherlands government were officially taken to court by the environmental organisation, Urgenda, Hydrogen Industry Leaders gives a snapshot of how they’re using hydrogen to cut emissions by 25 per cent compared to 1990 levels.

The Netherlands has a history of grey hydrogen production but currently emits 13 megatonnes of CO2 annually. Attentions are starting to turn towards green hydrogen and the role that can play in cutting emissions.

For example, Amsterdam has launched their hydrogen hub to focus on green hydrogen production. Offshore wind farms are an ideal way to provide for the hubs.

Vattenfall is also playing a huge role in the shift from fossil fuels. They are currently constructing the largest offshore wind park in the world in the North Sea.

Across the Netherlands, there has been a huge increase in the development of hydrogen refuelling stations, with the first opening in October 2020.