Labour Party Conference: Miliband Pledges to Invest in Hydrogen
In his speech at the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool yesterday, Ed Miliband promised that a Labour government would invest in hydrogen as part of the “greatest investment in homegrown energy in British history.”

Addressing the crowds at Liverpool, Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero asserted that the party would deliver power, wealth, and jobs for Britain.

I am proud that Keir’s 2030 mission is for the greatest investment in homegrown energy in British history.

“We’ll double onshore wind. We’ll treble solar. We’ll quadruple offshore wind. We’ll invest in nuclear and hydrogen and carbon capture and tidal power. That’s the new Britain we can build together.”

The MP for Doncaster North also sought to reassure workers currently in the oil and gas industries that the wouldn’t be left behind during the energy transition.

He said: “Let me say to oil and gas workers: We will use existing oil and gas fields for decades to come and we will do whatever it takes so that you can be the people to build our clean energy future: in offshore wind, in hydrogen, in carbon capture.”

In her speech earlier that day, Rachel Reeves also acknowledged the will to invest in industry.

This, the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer said, would drive down bills and create jobs in “green hydrogen and carbon capture and storage, in Grangemouth, Middlesbrough, Swansea and Hull.”

Through working closely with Ed Miliband, Ms Reeves pledged that Labour would ‘rewire Britain’, granting new jobs, lower energy bills, and energy security.