€100 Million Grant Received as Italy Pushes Electrolyser Production
The European Commission has given the green light to a €100 million Italian initiative designed to boost electrolyser production.

 Italy is eager to expedite its shift towards sustainability and diminish its reliance on traditional fuels. This program will take the shape of direct grants and is intended to facilitate the expansion of production capabilities for equipment that will contribute to diversifying the country’s energy resources. 

Authorised within the framework of state aid regulations focused on addressing temporary crises and promoting transitions, these grants will be accessible to all sectors except for financial institutions.

The Commissions mentioned: “The Italian scheme is necessary, appropriate and proportionate to accelerate the green transition and facilitate the development of certain economic activities.”

There is still a level of uncertainty as to where the grants will be directed, 

Although details on where the grants will be headed remains unknown, it comes as the second major funding scheme for green hydrogen in Italy this year (2023).