Hydrogen-powered Bus Trials Enter Second Phase in Czech Republic
ORLEN Unipetrol Group’s hydrogen-powered bus pilot operation in the Czech Republic is entering its next phase. How will this help boost the country’s efforts to amplify sustainable mobility?

In collaboration with the municipalities of Most and Litvínov, the hydrogen bus will be deployed on specific routes from February 5-11, before a recommendation of whether the buses shall be included in Litvínov Public Transit Authority’s fleet.

The vehicle was developed by the Slovak company Mobility & Innovation Production, boasting a capacity of 68 passengers, with 20 seated.

It has a range of up to 350km under hydrogen power, driven by a Siemens Elfa electric motor with a total output of 125kW. The total capacity of its four hydrogen tanks is 10.5kg with a refuelling time of 10 minutes.

ORLEN Group announced in 2023 that it was planning to expand its network of hydrogen refuelling stations in the country. Currently, the company offers two hydrogen filling stations for cars, buses and trucks.

Tomás Herink, a Member of the ORLEN Unipetrol Board of Directors, said: “We are trying to contribute responsibly to the development of a technology that will soon have an important position in the energy mix to achieve the objectives of clean mobility and decarbonisation that are part of the emission-free development of the EU and Czech Republic.”