Hydrogen Industry 2024

2024, Hydrogen Sessions

Hydrogen Industry 2024

With the UK Government building on the ten-point action plan for a green industrial revolution, the industry will need to retrofit and build new infrastructure, unlock private investment to boost final investment decisions and explore ways to secure a sustainable hydrogen economy and build the case for hydrogen to be traded as a commodity.

Hydrogen Priorities

Alongside this strategy, the UK Government has also published a series of consultations, including the NZHF, the HBM and the UK low-carbon hydrogen standard.

With the support of the government and our enterprise agencies, coupled with private investment and innovation, we are now seeing the emergence of the next generation of hydrogen projects and investment decisions across multiple industries.

Event Synopsis

The hydrogen market is set to undergo rapid change and expansion to meet upcoming climate objectives. Long-term revenue contracts will be critical for early low-carbon hydrogen projects to obtain future financing. During this one-day conference, stakeholders and Industry will discuss how we overcome various challenges and secure more final investment decisions.

Split into four sections, we’re looking for industry experts to contribute to the following:
• How we successfully create a competitive, integrated UK market for low-carbon hydrogen
• How Hydrogen can realise its full potential as a globally traded commodity
• How we secure a flow of Investment into the hydrogen economy, specifically industry.
• The development of the end user and the decarbonisation of industries

To register interest please email enquiry@peloton-events.co.uk, or call 0161 519 8950.

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