Green Hydrogen Project in Namibia to Support Economic Growth
To support the deployment of a green hydrogen project in Namibia, Hyphen Hydrogen Energy has partnered with ILF Consulting Engineering. How is this project aiming to amplify economic growth in Namibia?

Hyphen Hydrogen Energy is targeting one million tonnes of green ammonia from its Namibia project in the Tsau Khaeb National Park.

Going forward, it has plans to scale up to the production of two million tonnes by 2029, annually. At its full scale, the project could produce 350,000 tonnes of green hydrogen yearly.

ILF Consulting Engineering will bring its previous experience in supporting hydrogen projects globally and will provide Hyphen with project management services, technical expertise, and implementation expertise.

The project is being developed as the first step towards the application of the Namibian Government’s strategy to develop a large-scale hydrogen industry in multiple regions. It is aiming to support economic growth with a total investment of $10 billion.

On this, Hyphen CEO, Marco Raffinetti, explained that the project reflects how hydrogen is a real possibility for Namibia to boost its economic growth.

Marco said: “This appointment, combined with our engagement with potential consortium partners, shows there is massive interest in Namibia from those looking to invest in one of the world’s lowest cost and most advanced large-scale green hydrogen projects.”