Alberta to Receive $50m for Hydrogen Projects
The Government of Alberta has unveiled a $50 million funding initiative aimed at driving hydrogen innovation within Canada.

By leveraging the resources of Alberta Innovates and Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA), this funding endeavor will bolster the efforts of researchers, businesses, and industries working towards the advancement of technologies that align with the Province’s Hydrogen Roadmap and Natural Gas Strategy.

The ERA is set to receive $25 million in funding dedicated to more mature innovations through the Accelerating Hydrogen Challenge. An additional $20-25 million will be contributed by Alberta Innovates to support early-stage innovations via the Hydrogen Centre of Excellence Competition 2. This latter funding pool will be supplemented by contributions from Natural Resources Canada (NRCan).

Now open for submissions, proposals are sought for a range of hydrogen-related endeavors, encompassing hydrogen production, storage, transmission, and utilization in heavy-duty transportation, industrial heat, power generation, chemical processes, as well as commercial and residential heating, among other industrial applications.

Justin Riemer, CEO at Emissions Reduction Alberta, said, “This targeted and coordinated effort between ERA and Alberta Innovates with funding from the Government of Alberta I required to ensure a healthy pipeline of hydrogen technologies across the value chain are supported.”

Projects backed by ERA funding are slated for completion within a 36-month timeframe, while Alberta Innovates-funded projects are expected to conclude within 24 months. Both initiatives, alongside NRCan, are working cohesively to establish a streamlined approach for the two funding competitions, aiming to minimize bureaucratic hurdles for potential applicants.