The Hydrogen Blending Revolution Happening in California
As hydrogen blending technologies are put to the test, the sector looks to grow the percentage that can be merged, Hydrogen Industry Leaders highlights how SoCalGas is collaborating with GTI Energy. 

Many sectors need decarbonising but are hard-to-abate. Often, the solution to this is to blend hydrogen with existing gas networks and reduce emissions this way, but it has historically been at a lower percentage. 

In recent news, SoCalGas and GTI Energy announced a collaboration in which they will study hydrogen blending and unlock the potential surrounding the concept. The study will look closely at commercial and industrial processes.

Looking closely at heavy equipment that may be blended up to 100%, there is a specific focus on end-users that aren’t looking to electrify their processes. 

Project leaders GTI are supplying the technical expertise after  SoCalGas was awarded $752,000 (€682,928) to fund it. They received additional grants of $1.77m (€1.6m), which the California Energy Commission approved last year.