How will Hydrogen-powered Vehicles Help Canada Reach Net Zero?
Nikola Corporation has announced the expansion of its presence in Alberta, Canada, with the sale of a Nikola Tre BEV and a Nikola Tre hydrogen FCEV to the Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA). How will this support the widespread adoption of zero-emission vehicles?

AMTA will incorporate the new heavy-duty vehicles into its Hydrogen Commercial Vehicle Demonstrations Project. The project is said to be a first-of-its-kind in Canada and launched in February.

It offers Alberta carriers the opportunity to use and test Class 8 vehicles that operate with hydrogen fuel within their unique operations. These trials will look at the performance of hydrogen-fuelled vehicles on Alberta roads, payloads, and weather conditions while addressing challenges around fuel cell reliability, infrastructure, vehicle cost and maintenance.

AMTA’s order will be used to help promote further adoption of Nikola’s zero-emission trucks for a wide variety of trucking companies in the country.

Nikola has said it will support the promotion of these trucks with a Nikola hydrogen mobile fueller to enable early adoption as well as geographic expansion across Canada by providing the support needed to get on the road quickly and seamlessly.