Swiss Plant Produces Hydrogen from Hydropower
Groupe E have produced its first molecules of green hydrogen from a plant near the Schiffenen dam in the canton of Fribourg.


The Swiss power utility says that the plant will begin to run at full capacity once its tests and adjustments have concluded, at which point it is planned to produce approximately 300 tonnes of green hydrogen per year.

During its testing phase, the hydrogen being produced in small quantities is released into the atmosphere to “check the proper functioning and reliability of the machines, as well as the quantity of the hydrogen.”

The site is made up of two 1MW electrolysers, the electricity for which is supplied by a turbine at the Schiffenen dam.

Hydrogen produced at the site when it is fully up and running will be compressed and stored in tanks before it is transported on road to mobility and industrial customers in the region.

The plant, which required an investment of almost ₣9m (approximately £8m), uses two H-TEC Systems ME450/1400 electrolysers using hydropower produced by the dam, according to Groupe E.