Portugal to Begin Hydrogen Fuel Blending in National Grid
Portugal’s national grid is currently being adapted to accommodate the transport of a blend of 10% hydrogen fuel with natural gas.


In a statement by REN, who manage the country’s National Gas System, the grid could be ready to start transporting the mixed fuel as early as this year.

The Portuguese government will hold its first auction for the rights to sell green hydrogen fuel in the second half of 2023, with the winner to sell the hydrogen that will be introduced to the grid.

According to analysts, this move could give momentum to the European hydrogen market, the goal of the auction is to raise investment into green hydrogen fuel within Portugal.

While REN is the only operator currently working on the transportation of a blend of H2 and natural gas under high pressure, the company must modify the 854-mile grid throughout mainland Portugal to facilitate the transport of the gas combination.

REN said in their statement: “This work is crucial for REN to obtain, still in 2023, the [official] certification for, in this first phase, receiving and transporting up to a maximum of 10% of green hydrogen on its grid.”

They continued: “[Our strategy is based on] adapting existing infrastructures to accommodate these gases and the development of infrastructures for 100% hydrogen.”