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Norway To Expand Its Hydrogen Fuelling Infrastructure

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Credit: Arvid Høidahl, Unsplash
Varanger KraftHydrogen AS and Norwegian Hydrogen AS have revealed plans to initially establish three-four hydrogen refuelling stations in Norway’s northern-most region of Finnmark.

Utilising Finnmark’s locally produced hydrogen from Varanger’s Berlevåg facility, which has a capacity to produce one tonne of green hydrogen per day, the company says it could fill 200 hydrogen-powered passenger cars every day.

Norwegian Hydrogen aims to construct the infrastructure and distribute the Varanger produced hydrogen across the refuelling network.

CEO of Norwegian Hydrogen, Jen Berge, and CEO of Varanger KraftHydrogen, Christian Bue, both said: “We want to expand hydrogen fuelling infrastructure throughout Finnmark, and Norwegian Hydrogen also has plans to expand production and fuelling stations in the rest of the Nordic region together with other partners.

“The dialogue with potential users of hydrogen is good. We have great faith in the future of green hydrogen produced in Berlevåg.”

The plans come after Norway recently reiterated its commitment to developing the country’s hydrogen value chain and highlighted its aim to develop 30GW of offshore wind production by 2040.

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