Namibia’s $10bn Project To Begin Construction In 2025
Namibia’s $10bn hydrogen megaproject with Hyphen Hydrogen Energy recently announced progress at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Hydrogen Industry Leaders look at the project and how it will support the cutting down of carbon dioxide emissions.

Construction of the Namibian project is planned to begin in January 2025 and will see the pathway start cutting five-to-six million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

The current plan is that the project’s commissioning of the first phase will be seen by the end of 2026, with an estimated 300,000 tonnes of green hydrogen production per year once at total capacity.

Namibia’s first GW scale green hydrogen project, the Tsau/Khaeb National Park Southern Corridor Development Initiative (SCDI) hydrogen project, was created by the Namibian Government in 2021 and is part of its national growth and economic recovery plan.

Since the announcement, the Namibian Government and Hyphen have worked collaboratively to undertake planning and pre-feasibility activities, including a master planning process. It will focus on how the Namibian Ports Authority (Namport) will best accommodate the green hydrogen industry in southern Namibia in the future.