National Green Hydrogen Mission Charts Revolutionary Course

As India steers towards a greener energy future, the National Green Hydrogen Mission (NGHM) evolves centre stage in driving innovation and sustainability. Key stakeholders convened at the “Green Hydrogen Pilots in India” conference to announce pivotal developments, including the allocation of ₹1,466 crores towards pilot projects aimed at transforming key sectors reliant on fossil fuels.

Mr. Shri Bhupinder S. Bhalla, Secretary of the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, emphasised the superiority of pilot projects in creating a base for innovation and experimentation. These programs, whose concepts are to be taken into account in the sectors of steel production, long-range heavy-duty movement, energy storage and shipping, are expected to mark a new level of sustainability and innovation.

Highlighting the transforming nature of these pilot projects, Shri Bhalla indicated that almost ₹456 crore is allocated for steel, ₹495 crores for transportation, ₹115 crores for shipping and ₹400 crores for other green projects. These initiatives are to change the status quo of the traditional sectors, which will pave the way for a green and sustainable energy future.

Roadmap for the National Green Hydrogen Mission will be announced soon

Shri Bhalla informed that the “R&D roadmap for the National Green Hydrogen Mission will be announced soon as it is in the last stage of preparation.” The roadmap provides a summary of the major research areas that are necessary for the establishment of a comprehensively functional green hydrogen ecosystem and will encourage the improvement of technologies and regulatory frameworks.

Furthermore, the Secretary emphasized India’s active approach to standardization, with suggestions sent to the BIS, PESO, and OISD to adopt appropriate standards. India has also notified the Green Hydrogen Standard, emitting no more than ₹2kg of CO2 per kg of hydrogen, thus also strengthening its eco-friendly drive.

The “Green Hydrogen Pilots in India” conference is the marker of India’s undisputed ambition for the innovation of green energy and sustainability. Already poised to drive sectoral transformation through pilot projects and with the NGHM R&D roadmap soon unveiled, India stands a good chance to take the lead in Green Hydrogen Technology worldwide.

Byline: Vidhathri Matety