Government to Roll Out Pilot Projects for Round-the-Clock Energy
NTPC Limited convened a conference aimed at showcasing a series of green hydrogen pilot projects spearheaded by diverse public and private sector entities across various regions of India.

However, this event not only highlighted some innovative solutions but also showed how quickly green hydrogen technology is used in practice.

New Delhi – The 18th G20 Summit, one of the most extensive events ever, is a one-day conference held in New Delhi on 05 September, 2023 under the name “Green Hydrogen Pilots in India.”

The Union Minister for Power and New & Renewable Energy of India, Shri R. K. Singh, stressed that India should prepare to cut down on its large energy import bills. He emphasized the critical nature of immediate strategic action: “India has to seize the moment and take decisive measures to rein in the energy import bill.”

“Green Hydrogen Pilots in India” Conference Sets Stage for Renewable Energy Revolution

With the economy of India set to grow by 7% – 8% over the next two to three decades and power demand soaring, the Minister underscored the pressing need to switch to sustainable energy options.

Shri Singh emphasized that India has an opportunity to emerge as a global leader in green hydrogen production, which is fortunately based on a well-developed ecosystem for renewable energy. He evidenced the emergence of India as a global leader in renewable energy, which allows the country to achieve unmatched cost efficiency in the bottom line of green hydrogen production.

Showcasing India’s Leadership in Green Hydrogen Innovation

The Minister highlighted green hydrogen as instrumental for independence in energy as well as emissions mitigation among other things.

The conference also highlighted India’s strategic initiatives on green hydrogen adaptation across various sectors like steel production, heavy-duty transportation and shipping. Shri Singh highlighted the opportunities to make India a green ships fuelling hub, visualizing India as a green shipping pioneer on the global stage.

Minister introduced this as a vital development; he added “the forthcoming launch of pilot projects for green hydrogen and green ammonia that will help in round-the-clock renewable energy storage.” This pilot project is a meaningful move towards reducing our dependency on fossil fuels and the clean energy India aims at.

Mr Singh accentuated that commercial viability is the pivotal aspect in propelling a victorious business, therefore, he emphasized the significance of a reliable strategic commercial framework. He affirmed India’s supervision in the global shift towards green hydrogen, stating, “Indians are at the forefront of this transition; we are setting the pace for the world.”

The “Green Hydrogen Pilots in India” conference impacted the innovation sector and the cooperation among various stakeholders. Consequently, it laid the foundation for the shift from non-renewables to renewables in the energy sector in India.