Namibia’s First Hydrogen Fuel Plant to Begin Production in 2024
HDF Energy has announced that its green hydrogen fuel plant in Namibia will start power production in 2024. Hydrogen Industry Leaders explores how this will be a first for Africa.

Once the plant begins operations, the $181.25 (3.1 billion Namibian dollars) Swakopmund project will provide clean electricity power year-round, 24 hours per day. It is said that this will boost the southern African country’s electricity supply in the country, as well as its economy.

Intending to install 85 megawatts of solar panels, HDF Energy has said it will use that renewable electricity to power electrolysers that will produce green hydrogen for stored energy.

A range of opportunities in Africa for green energy are seen by the company. For example, the European Union intends to establish certain deals with Namibia to support the local green hydrogen fuel sector while enhancing its own imports of hydrogen.

Nicolas Lecomte, Director for Southern Africa at HDF Energy said: “Yearly we can produce 142-gigawatt hours, enough for 142,000 inhabitants and that is conservative,”