Hydrogen to Power 100 Homes in Madrid
Madrid-based gas provider Madrileña Red de Gas (MRG) and Spanish real estate company Pryconsa have launched a green hydrogen project for residential use in Valdemoro, Madrid. Hydrogen Industry Leaders looks at how the project will help Madrid decarbonise its housing stock.

The project is designed to replace gas supplies with renewable hydrogen for 100 homes, with the construction of the facility starting in May 2023 and the first shipments of hydrogen being made in the last quarter of 2025.

Currently, the companies have revealed that they are studying the technical and economic model that best suits the hydrogen project, mainly by evaluating two options. The preferred option is the on-site generation of hydrogen through an electrolyser located in the residential area.

Alternatively, the other choice is to obtain hydrogen from a solar-powered electrolyser that MRG is currently developing.

It is estimated that the annual consumption per household is approximately 250kg of hydrogen, meaning the facility will have to generate at least 24.5 tons of hydrogen per year.