How will the Netherlands Accelerate its Hydrogen Economy?
The Netherlands’ transition to a hydrogen economy is expected to be boosted by the establishment of its electrolyser manufacturing industry. Hydrogen Industry Leaders explores how this will increase the country’s autonomy.

The consortium De Nederlandse Waterstof Delta (The Dutch Hydrogen Delta) has submitted plans to kickstart the electrolyser manufacturing industry and hopes this will accelerate the hydrogen economy. The plan was designed by 12 consortium partners, with 80 million euros in funding being applied for from the National Growth Fund.

Aiming to ensure that the Netherlands starts making its own plants needed to produce green hydrogen, De Nederlandse Waterstof Delta will be able to supply half of all the plants the country needs to meet its interim climate targets by 2030.

It will see the plants operate on the basis of a unique Dutch hydrogen battery, the Battolyser. This technology, developed at TU Delft, can store electricity, and produce green hydrogen from renewable electricity.

According to the Port of Rotterdam Authority, the manufacturing industry is the missing link in the Dutch hydrogen economy. The plan has been handed over to three MPs who have been championing the importance of accelerating the hydrogen economy, with a particular focus on the manufacturing industry needed to achieve the goals.