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How Will HydroFLEX Modernise Public Transport?

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c. x1klima, Flickr
Public Transport is set to be revolutionised through the advancements in hydrogen. HIL highlights how HydroFLEX is setting the pace.

HydroFLEX is the first hydrogen-ready passenger train in the UK. Operating under electric, battery, and hydrogen power, making it the world’s first ‘tri-mode’ train.

Almost 30 companies have contributed to delivering the train over its 10-month build period, with Porterbrook investing £8 million in the latest version of HydroFLEX.

Up to 277kg of hydrogen fuel is contained aboard HydroFLEX in 36 high-pressure tanks, which is then fed into fuel cells. Then a chemical process converts the hydrogen and oxygen from the air to generate clean electricity.

Hydrogen-powered trains will support the progressive rollout of electrification schemes, as well as deliver clean train travel on routes where overhead wires cannot be economically justified.

HydroFLEX is part of a suite of Porterbrook Engineering initiatives designed to improve air quality, reduce carbon, and deliver a cost-effective and sustainable railway for both passengers and taxpayers.

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