Gran Canaria to Develop Offshore Green Hydrogen Project

Stargate Hydrogen Solutions OÜ will deliver an electrolyser as part of an offshore wind energy project after receiving a €3 million grant from the European Commission under the Horizon Europe programme, with the goal to demonstrate the complete green hydrogen value chain on the Canary Islands.


The project, which will receive €10.7 for demonstrating the full value chain of green hydrogen, will be overseen coordinated by the Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands (PLOCAN).

When the 1 MW electrolyser is installed on the PLOCAN site on Gran Canaria, it will draw renewable energy from a 6 MW offshore wind facility to produce green hydrogen and oxygen, which will be used at a local hospital complex.

The grant awarded by the European Commission will oversee the delivery and installation of the electrolyser system including Stargate Stellar series stacks, alongside H2/O2 compression and storage equipment.

Rainer Küngas, Stargate CTO, said: “Stargate looks forward to delivering our Gateway series electrolyser specifically developed for maritime applications.

“Being part of this important demonstration project brings Stargate to the technological forefront of the rapidly developing field of maritime electrolysis, paving the way for future on-shore and off-shore installations.”