French Port to Explore Offshore Green Hydrogen Production
Lhyfe and French harbour Nantes-Saint Nazaire Port have reached a partnership agreement to develop the offshore renewable sector. Hydrogen Industry Leaders explores how this could ramp up the energy transition.

Under the deal, Nantes-Saint Nazaire Port and Lhyfe will combine their efforts and expertise to explore the establishment of an offshore hydrogen production supply chain.

The collaboration aims to identify port areas and facilities capable of accommodating R&D prototypes, as well as the industrial requirements for the construction of equipment and supporting infrastructure needed for large-scale offshore hydrogen production.

In addition, the companies will study how best to bring renewable gas ashore and integrate it into the land-based network.

Matthieu Guesné, CEO and founder of Lhyfe, said: “The development of offshore hydrogen production is the next major challenge awaiting us.

“Following the integration and inauguration of our Sealhyfe platform at the Saint Nazaire port facility, we are going to pursue our collaboration with this port facility, which possesses a great deal of related expertise, to accelerate the development of solutions that will make it possible to decarbonise mobility and industry on a massive scale, in all coastal regions.”