France To Get First High-Powered Hydrogen Barge
The Rouen River Port in France is set to be the test bed for the trial of a new barge which will supply docked ships with high-power hydrogen fuel cells. Hydrogen Industry Leaders looks at how the barge will help decarbonise port processes.

Project partners Améthyste, ArianeGroup, Cetim, HDF Energy, Rubis Terminal, and Sofresid engineering, have collaborated to develop a multi-service power supply barge called ELEMANTA H2.

The barge will be a first for France. Once developed, it will serve as a replicable role model for the decarbonisation of port operations and is designed to supply green electricity and hydrogen to large ships.

It will carry a high-power hydrogen fuel cell system manufactured in France by HDF Energy, and high-pressure green hydrogen storage will cover the need for autonomy during stopovers.

ELEMANTA H2 offers a carbon-free alternative to the diesel generator vessels that currently supply ships. The new vessel is said to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 85 per cent, and all NOx and SO2 are generated in stopovers.