Feasibility Studies Launched for Green Hydrogen Projects in Chile
Glenfarne Energy Transition has announced the execution and launch of a collaborative agreement with Samsung Engineering to complete feasibility studies for multiple green hydrogen and ammonia projects in Chile. How will this help Chile secure energy security?

It is part of Glenfarne’s recently announced Hydrogen Fuels Initiative, with Green Pegasus being the first project being developed as part of the agreement.

Green Pegasus will have up to 2 GW of solar PV installed capacity and is estimated to produce 459 kilotons of green ammonia and 89 kilotons of green hydrogen annually.

Primarily, the project will focus on export to Asia, particularly South Korea, and Europe, where Glenfarne maintains several business and commercial partners.

Speaking on this, Brendan Duval, CEO and Founder of Glenfarne Energy Transition said is is: “Thrilled to be strategically collaborating with Samsung Engineering on hydrogen fuels projects that will be vital to advancing the energy transition in Chile, Asia, and Europe.”

He continued to explain that he believes green hydrogen is the key to decarbonisation “We see great potential for green hydrogen and ammonia from Chile to help further global decarbonisation and achieve energy security.”