Breakthrough LOHC Solution for Long-Distance Transportation
After Honeywell recently announced its breakthrough Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) solution to enable long-distance transportation, Hydrogen Industry Leaders takes a look at what it may mean for the sector. 

Tackling current bottlenecks to the development of hydrogen at scale, this solution can make use of existing refineries and infrastructure. This will allow cost and time savings across the whole hydrogen value chain. 

Addressing further issues of low density, high flammability aspects of hydrogen and the difficulty around transportation, Honeywell have proposed a solution to this and the issues around new infrastructure required for ammonia conversion. 

The LOHC solution combines hydrogen gas chemically through the Honeywell UOP Toluene Saturation Process into a liquid carrier compatible with existing infrastructure. This allows it to be transported in the same way as traditional gas and similar hydrocarbons.

The hydrogen can also be recovered using existing infrastructure through idle oil refining assets using Honeywell UOP’s Methylcyclohexane Dehydrogenation Process.