$20M Investment to Boost Green Hydrogen in Australia
ARENA (the Australia Renewable Energy Agency) has announced an AU$20.9 million investment to scale up green hydrogen in the country. How will this help to cut the costs of hydrogen for Australia?

The investment will go into Hysata, a Wollongong-based start-up which is focusing on developing next generation green hydrogen electrolyser technology.

It will allow Hysata to develop and test a 5 MW unit at the company’s new manufacturing facility in Port Kembla.

According to ARENA, the plan is to move the entire system to Rockhampton in Queensland to install the system.

Darren Miller, CEO at ARENA explained that this technology will benefit the hydrogen industry: “Hysata’s electrolyser technology could be a game-changer for renewable hydrogen.

“The demonstration at Stanwell’s site will be key to unlocking commercial demand for Hysata’s product by proving the technology works at scale.”

Hysata has revealed that its technology will help to cut costs and generate green hydrogen “well below” AU$2 per kilogram. This is a competitive target price.