200MW Ammonia Plant Planned for Mexico
Hy2gen has revealed that it is planning to construct a 200MW renewable ammonia production plant in Campeche, Mexico.

The global producer of renewable hydrogen and hydrogen derivative plants has said that the project named MARENGO is expected that the project will initially produce 180,000 tpy of renewable ammonia for customers in the EU.

Cyril Dufau-Sansot, Hy2gen CEO, explained that MARENGO will play an important role in the production of renewable ammonia for the EU due to: “The ideal conditions at this site location, such as constant wind and many hours of sunshine. MARENGO’s electricity needs will therefore be secured by a 415 MW wind farm and a 230 MW solar farm.”

After the signing of the cooperation agreement, feasibility studies and FEED studies will follow, during which essential construction data and information on the operation of the production plant will be collected.

These studies are expected to be completed after 24 – 36 months. From this, the construction phase of the plant will begin, with production expected to start by 3Q28. The project in Mexico is said to further strengthen Hy2gen’s global presence and bring it much closer to its goal of becoming the world leader in the production of RFNBOs (Renewable Fuels of Non-Biological Origin).