The Year of Hydrogen Refuelling: Asia implemented 73 New Stations
After a successful year of hydrogen refuelling implementation across Asia, the annual assessment by the LBST revealed 130 new stations went into operation worldwide in 2022. 

Setting the benchmark for other continents to follow, 73 of the stations were implemented across Asia, adding to the already impressive numbers. 11 were built in North America and 45 across Europe, respectively.  

Now with a grand total of 455 stations in total, 165 in Japan, 149 in South Korea and 138 in China, the rest of the world is looking at Asia as a framework for success. 

By the end of 2022, 814 hydrogen refuelling stations were in operation worldwide, available across 37 countries. 

Outperforming every country, South Korea was the country adding the most significant number of new stations. Expanding on this success, Shell recently announced plans to build its ‘first’ hydrogen refuelling network in Asia under a joint venture with Shanghai Shenergy.

The plan is to build up to ten stations in Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta over the next five years, with the intention to scale up to 30 stations across the Yangtze River Delta by the end of the decade.