Texas To See 120MW Green Hydrogen Plant
New Fortress Energy (NFE) has selected Plug Power to supply a 120MW green hydrogen project near Beaumont, Texas. Hydrogen Industry Leaders explores how it will be scaleable to almost 500MW.

Expected to be one of the largest of its kind in North America, the facility will leverage Plug Power’s PEM electrolysis technology and is said to enable the production of more than 50 tons per day of green hydrogen.

Also, it is thought that with the development of additional supporting infrastructure, the facility will be scalable to nearly 500 megawatts.

NFE is aiming for the output from the facility to supply both industries and others located in the Port of Beaumont and the broader Sabine-Neches Navigation District on the Gulf of Mexico coast in east Texas.

Its location is said by NFE to provide proximity to industrial end-users as well as access to reliable power and superior logistics including rail, marine and existing pipelines.

The agreement reflects the growing interest in the oil refining and petrochemical sectors to utilise green hydrogen for desulfurisation and feedstock processing.