Hydrogen Strategy in Norway: A Look Around the Country
As Norway commits to a hydrogen future, HIL provides the long term policy released by the government.

In the ministerial foreword, Tina Bru Minister of Petroleum and Energy explained:

“Working with industry, our ambition is for 5GW of low carbon hydrogen production capacity by 2030 for use across the economy. This could produce hydrogen equivalent to the amount of gas consumed by over 3 million households in the UK each year.

This new, low carbon hydrogen could help provide cleaner energy to power our economy and our everyday lives – from cookers to distilleries, film shoots to power plants, waste trucks to steel production, and 40-tonne diggers to the heat in our homes.”

“Meeting our ambition means rapid ramp-up of production and use of hydrogen over the coming decade. In every country of the UK, there are ambitious, world-leading projects ready to deploy at scale, saving carbon and creating jobs.

“These trailblazers will help us  fully understand the costs around hydrogen, its safety where hydrogen is being used in new ways, and just how far it can contribute to reducing our emissions.”

You can find the full hydrogen strategy here.