Singapore to See First Hydrogen Power Plant in 2026
Singapore is expected to get its first hydrogen-ready power plant by the first half of 2026. Hydrogen Industry Leaders looks at how this will help Singapore transition its power sector into one using less carbon-emitting fuels.

Built on Jurong Island, the Keppel Sakra Cogen Plant can run entirely on clean-burning hydrogen in the future and produce up to 600 MW of electricity.

Keppel Infrastructure, Mitsubishi Power and Jurong Engineering have said that this amounts to about 9 per cent of Singapore’s peak electricity demand in 2020 and could power around 864,000 four-room Housing Board flats for a year.

The combined cycle gas turbine power plant developed by Keppel Infrastructure will now use natural gas as its primary fuel. However, the plant is also designed to operate on fuels with 30 per cent hydrogen content.

Therefore, this will produce less carbon than fossil fuels and has the capacity of shifting to run entirely on hydrogen, the companies have said.

Compared to other power points in Singapore, more energy-efficient technology at this power plant will reduce 220,000 tonnes of carbon emissions annually.