Poland’s Bus Fleet is Turning to Hydrogen
Solaris has been awarded an order by ZTM Lublin to supply the first hydrogen bus to Lublin, Poland. Hydrogen Industry Leaders investigates how this will support the decarbonisation of Poland’s transport sector.

The Urbino 12 hydrogen bus is a vehicle featuring solutions based on hydrogen technology and will be able to carry 85 passengers, 29 of whom can be seated.

Solaris has said that the bus will boost a variety of solutions to enhance the comfort of passengers and the driver’s work. It will include a passenger counting system, a video surveillance system, air conditioning, a ticket vending machine with a cashless payment capability, an air disinfection system for the vehicle interior and USB charging ports for passengers.

In addition to this, the bus will help to decarbonise Poland’s transport sector through the use of hydrogen. The company explained that hydrogen is a clean energy source and that hydrogen-powered buses stand out due to their short refuelling time.

The bus which has been ordered will be fitted with an electric power storage facility, meaning in addition to being charged by the hydrogen fuel cell, it can also be charged by means of an external mobile charger.