Peru Starts Green Hydrogen Production at Gas-fired Plant
Chilean unity Colbun has initiated the operation of a green hydrogen production system at its Fenix gas-fired power plant in Peru. How will this support the modernisation and decarbonisation of power plants?

The green hydrogen setup, consisting of a solar photovoltaic farm, an electrolyser, and the use of demineralised water, is the first plant like this in Peru. The utility operates in Peru through its subsidiary Fenix.

CEO Jose Ignacio explained that exploring the use of green hydrogen will be essential in driving the energy transition: “At Colbun we promote green hydrogen as an important step in the responsible energy transition; we are convinced that it is one of the best options for adapting and modernising natural gas-based power plants.”

It is expected that the use of green hydrogen will reduce the carbon footprint of the thermoelectric plant by 70 tonnes of carbon equivalent annually and save approximately $50,000 (EUR 46,186) per year through self-supply of hydrogen for cooling the generators.

Fenix plans to replicate this project model to promote renewable energy use in its customers’ processes.