Nikola Corp Bolsters HYLA Hydrogen Refuelling Network

Nikola Corporation’s HYLA hydrogen refuelling brand has launched its latest high-pressure modular station in California. May 4, 2024 marked the facilities first day of operation. They have made a commitment to prioritize customer service at this facility and it is a part of the entity’s mission for sustainable transportation.

Nikola Corporation, a global leader in zero-emissions transportation and energy infrastructure solutions through its HYLA brand, recently inaugurated its latest high-pressure modular refuelling station in Southern California. The new facility began operations on May 4, 2024, reinforcing Nikola’s strategic plan to build up to nine refuelling sites by mid-2024. The company aims to have 14 operational sites, including a mix of HYLA modular fuellers and partner stations like FirstElement Fuels’ facility in Oakland, ready by the end of the year.

Nikola’s HYLA refuelling stations are designed with customer experience as a top priority, offering seamless, 24/7 support through HYLA Ambassadors and Operation Technicians to ensure efficient fuelling. The company is dedicated to pioneering zero-emissions solutions for commercial trucking, accelerating the adoption of hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks.

Nikola Corporation’s President of Energy, Ole Hoefelmann, highlighted this station’s launch as a significant achievement in the company’s mission for sustainable transportation. The company expressed gratitude to the City of Long Beach and the Long Beach Fire Department for their crucial support in bringing this project to life. Nikola is unwavering in its pursuit to establish more hydrogen refuelling stations throughout the year to bolster positive environmental impact.

By aligning with influential industry partners, Nikola continues to secure its hydrogen supply chain while expanding its HYLA refuelling network. This ongoing development reflects its commitment to transforming transportation through decarbonization. Nikola’s HYLA network is tailored to meet the needs of Nikola’s hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks and other Class 8 customers with a range of modular and permanent stations. These include “behind-the-fence” solutions and partnerships with public truck stops, such as the recent 10-year agreement with FirstElement Fuel for a hydrogen refuelling station in Oakland.

Nikola corporation is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, with a manufacturing facility in Coolidge, Arizona. The company continues to lead the charge toward zero-emissions transportation, providing Class 8 battery-electric and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles through its HYLA brand, which aims to develop the complete hydrogen refuelling ecosystem.