Liverpool Deliver 20 Strong Hydrogen Bus Fleet
Highlighting that the hydrogen economy is starting to reach all parts of the UK, Liverpool is the latest authority to announce a fleet of hydrogen buses to operate across the city. 

Focussing on revolutionising all aspects of public transport in an attempt to encourage modal shift away from cars, other features include, camera wing mirrors to improve safety, and audio and visual announcements for next stops. 

Additionally, HD screens to update passengers on progress and timings for connections at different stations, the overall passenger experience is expected to increase. 

Purchased directly through the Liverpool City Region’s Transforming Cities Fund, the 20-strong fleet will be operating the streets of Liverpool and proving that hydrogen projects can turn to full-time rollout.  

Running in line with wider goals for the region to be zero carbon by 2040, there are strong hopes that this fleet will create a bedrock for a wider rollout in the city and build a business case for hydrogen across the North West. 

Operating at 70% lower emissions than existing stock, this is a vital step towards this goal and the buses are being built in the UK by manufacturer Alexander Dennis Limited, securing green jobs for the future.