Hydrogen Ukraine to Revolutionise Domestic Energy Production

The British Embassy Kyiv has announced that the UK will support 13 innovative green energy projects in Ukraine. Hydrogen Ukraine (H2U) called it a significant milestone in advancing sustainable energy initiatives in Ukraine.

The Innovate Ukraine programme was held last week, on 2nd May. The UK Foreign Secretary Lord David Cameron and Ukrainian Minister for Energy German Galushchenko hosted the event.

As part of the Innovate Ukraine programme, the UK government has invested £16m in innovations. It will support the recovery and future sustainability of Ukraine’s energy system. 

The H2U Renewable Hydrogen Project is set to revolutionise energy production in Ukraine

H2U and AB5 Consulting were awarded a grant to spearhead the H2U Renewable Hydrogen Project in the Odesa Region.

The H2U project will leverage renewable sources to produce green hydrogen. With an initial electrolysis capacity of 100 MW, the project is set to construct a renewable hydrogen plant. It will produce renewable electricity and green hydrogen for domestic needs and export to EU countries. 

The feasibility of underground hydrogen storage facilities in the saline formations of the Odesa region will be assessed. This approach ensures a secure energy supply capable of withstanding external disruptions. The project also includes the construction of solar and wind farms. The capacities are noted to be 120 MW and 80 MW respectively. 

The H2U project will conduct a comprehensive feasibility study. The administrative lead will be AB5 CONSULTING LTD Consulting, but the technical lead – H2U. This feasibility study will lay the groundwork for the construction and implementation phases of the project.

The grant will lead to a cleaner and more resilient energy future

“We are thrilled to receive this grant. It underscores the significance of our project in driving innovation and sustainability within the Ukrainian energy sector,” said Iaroslav Kryl, CEO of H2U.

This funding will enable us to accelerate our efforts towards establishing green hydrogen production and storage capabilities. It will contribute to Ukraine’s and Europe`s energy transition. The funding will foster a cleaner, more resilient energy future.

“With sincere gratitude, I also would like to acknowledge the invaluable support from the Ukrainian Hydrogen Council in achieving this milestone.”

H2U believes that its collaboration with AB5 Consulting exemplifies the power of partnership in advancing sustainable energy solutions. The consortium aims to propel the H2U project towards enhancing energy security by combining expertise and resources. It aims to reduce carbon emissions and foster economic growth in the Odesa Region and beyond.

On their official LinkedIn page, H2U promises to:

  • assess the viability of their ambitious vision for a renewable hydrogen plant in the Odesa region. H2U plans on examining both its technical intricacies and economic potential.
  • navigate the complexities of integrating wind and solar farms into the national grid. H2U will lay the foundation for seamless incorporation into hydrogen production processes.
  • explore the geological landscape of the Odesa region, evaluating the feasibility of constructing an underground Hydrogen Storage facility within its saline formations.
  • conduct a techno-economic study to assess the construction of a pipeline for hydrogen transportation to potential consumers in EU countries. It will ensure efficient and sustainable distribution.

The Ukrainian Hydrogen Council congratulated H2U on the prestigious grant, calling it a groundbreaking achievement.

Byline: Reinis Alksnājs