Hydrogen Production Systems to be Utilised in Nordic Universities
Nordic universities are set to receive green hydrogen production systems from Nilsson Energy to give students practical experience in electrolyser technology.

The Technical University of Denmark, the University of Åland and Mälardalen University are expected to use the modular systems to produce hydrogen for research and development with industries such as the transport sector.

Nillson Energy is a system integrator, specialising in the design, construction, and installation of hydrogen-based systems throughout the value chain.

Abdallah Abou-Taouk, Senior Quotation Engineer at Nilsson Energy, highlighted the importance of research into new and improved technologies.

He said: “Research into hydrogen in production, storage, fuels and transport as well as the development of new materials and technologies, which can make hydrogen production more efficient and cost-effective, are important pieces of the puzzle for the green energy transition to be successful.”

The universities will integrate the systems into their teaching and research activities, giving students and researchers a practical experience of modern electrolyser technology.

Vice Chancellor at the Unvieristy of Åland, Patrc Granholm, said: “The whole system will be used in teaching to give our students an opportunity to immerse themselves in the production of green hydrogen from the excess energy produced on favourable days with low energy consumption.”