Hydrogen Europe Announce Workshop About Public Transport

Hydrogen Europe has posted an invite to the workshop “Hydrogen in public transport – perspectives for bus and infrastructure deployment in Europe”. 

Mobility and transport are fundamental pillars of European life and economic prosperity, offering significant socio-economic benefits. However, they also present pressing environmental challenges, including rising greenhouse gas emissions and local air pollution. 

Decarbonising mobility within urban and peri-urban areas requires a swift transition to a greater use of public transport. Simultaneously, to a higher share of zero-emission vehicles in public transport fleets. More hydrogen buses in operation need the adequate presence of refuelling stations to ensure the security of supply, which in turn guarantees buses can be exploited to their full potential.  

Europe wants to see a greater use of public transport

In thiS workshop, policymakers, leaders, and experts from the public and private sectors will gather to explore the scalability of alternative fuel infrastructures across Europe. The participants will analyse associated challenges and opportunities. The influence of European policies on this evolving landscape will be considered. 

Topics will include:

  • regulatory frameworks,
  • financing mechanisms, 
  • innovative initiatives aimed at nurturing sustainable growth in the alternative fuels sector.

Furthermore, the workshop will highlight key funding opportunities such as the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Facilities, designed to propel decarbonisation efforts within the transport sector.

Hydrogen bus roadshow is taking place in Central Eastern Europe

May has seen the start of the third hydrogen bus roadshow. A hydrogen fuel cell bus will be available for testing and demonstration purposes in nine European cities. Roadshow is part of the JIVE projects supported and funded by the Clean Hydrogen Partnership (CHP).

Dedicated events took place in the Romanian city of Cluj-Napoca on May 9. On Monday, May 13, the hydrogen bus will be showcased in Galați. Later in the month, the events will be held in Greece, Bulgaria and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Roadshow will host representatives from the CHP and Hydrogen Europe together with Romanian central and local authorities representatives, experts, and energy associations.

The previous two roadshows took place in Slovenia, Croatia, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. These initiatives were a success and had an important impact on local demand. Nearly all participating cities announced a formal interest in deploying hydrogen fuel cell buses. It also contributed to a higher understanding of the technology and its benefits to a large audience.