Hydrogen Bus Roadshow Success in Romania, Next Stop: Greece

The Southeast Europe Hydrogen Bus Roadshow started last week. Clean Hydrogen Partnership (CHP) has looked back on the first day, calling it a success.

The third hydrogen bus roadshow has started in Romania. It is part of the JIVE projects supported and funded by the CHP.

This month, a hydrogen fuel cell bus was available for testing and demonstration in two cities. On May 9 dedicated events occurred in Cluj-Napoca, and on May 13 in Galați. 

The results from the first day are available – they are positive

As per CHP, representatives from the region affirmed Cluj-Napoca’s keen interest in hydrogen buses. A formal plan to deploy over 25 hydrogen buses by 2027 has been outlined. Representatives emphasised the crucial role of the roadshow in strengthening those plans.

CHP has called the outcomes from the test trials in Cluj-Napoca highly promising:

  • ~600km driven 
  • Average consumption of 5.15kg/100km
  • The bus showcased significant regeneration capacity, with 97.66 kWh regenerated, out of the 221.23 kWh energy used in service.

Mirela Atanasiu, Executive Director ad interim of CHP, said before the roadshow started: “I am proud to see that our project JIVE continues to showcase the hydrogen buses and refuelling stations to the interested local authorities in Southeast Europe.

It follows the success of the previous roadshows in Central Europe and the Baltic. Generating interest in commercialising fuel cell buses is the first step in decarbonising city public transport. JIVE is a successful example of how we can position the EU as a front-runner to become carbon-neutral by 2050.”

JIVE is deploying 300 hydrogen buses and associated refuelling infrastructures across Europe.

Hydrogen Bus Roadshow will continue to Greece

This Friday, 17th May, the roadshow will continue in Thessaloniki, where the hydrogen-powered bus will be showcased until 21st May. It will then move to Kozani, Athens, finishing the Greece trip at Patras from 3rd to 6th June. 

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The JIVE project roadshow will also stop in Bulgaria and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In total, the hydrogen bus will have been made available in nine cities.

The previous two roadshows took place in Slovenia, Croatia, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

These initiatives were a success and had an important impact on local demand. Nearly all participating cities announced a formal interest in deploying hydrogen fuel cell buses. It also contributed to a higher understanding of the technology and its benefits to a large audience.

Byline: Reinis Alksnājs