Hydrogen Bus Roadshow Continues to Share Great Results

The Southeast Europe Hydrogen Bus Roadshow started last week. Fuel Cell Bus (FCB) has shared the results from the second location – Galați.

The hydrogen bus was received positively by the Galați public

The third hydrogen bus roadshow started in Romania on May 9. It is part of the JIVE projects supported and funded by the Clean Hydrogen Partnership (CHP). Earlier this month, a hydrogen fuel cell bus was available for testing and demonstration in two cities. On May 9 dedicated events occurred in Cluj-Napoca.

On May 13 the hydrogen bus underwent trials in Galați with local passengers. FCB is proud of the event, calling the public’s response incredible.

Galați trial results:

  • Approx. 300 km covered over 2 test days in Galați,
  • Day 1: Average consumption at 5.0 kg/100km; Day 2: Around 5.5 kg/100km,
  • A daily average of 1,500 passengers used the hydrogen bus.

FCB has shared a video of the event in Galați. It shows how the hydrogen technology sparked interest among passengers. The video ends with the driver’s testimonial.

Earlier this week CHP and FCB posted the results of the Hydrogen Bus roadshow’s success in Cluj-Napoca on May 9. Representatives from the region had affirmed keen interest in hydrogen buses. A formal plan to deploy over 25  hydrogen buses by 2027 was outlined. Representatives emphasised the crucial role of the roadshow in strengthening those plans.

Cluj-Napoca trial results:

  • ~600km driven 
  • Average consumption of 5.15kg/100km
  • The bus showcased significant regeneration capacity, with 97.66 kWh regenerated, out of the 221.23 kWh energy used in service.

JIVE is deploying 300 hydrogen buses and associated refuelling infrastructures across Europe.

The hydrogen bus has arrived in Greece

Today – May 17 – the roadshow made its first stop in Greece, arriving in Thessaloniki. Until May 21 the hydrogen-powered bus will test its capabilities on real routes in the city. Informative events will aim to highlight the potential of hydrogen and enhance public information and participation.

On May 20 the bus will be demonstrated at the Thessaloniki International Exhibition. On May 21 an informative “Hydrogen Mobility Info Day” event will be held at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. It will involve discussions about cooperation, innovation and knowledge sharing in the sustainable transport field. The event will host the academic community, local authorities, businesses, and the general public.

On May 22, the hydrogen bus will continue the roadshow through Greece, stopping in Kozani, Athens and Patras.

c. @Cluster_CluBE

The roadshow was brought to Greece by the Cluster of Bioeconomy and Environment of Western Macedonia in collaboration with the European project TRIERES and with the support of Hellenic Hydrogen and Coral Gas, a subsidiary of the Motor Oil Group.

The JIVE project roadshow will also stop in Bulgaria and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In total, the hydrogen bus will have been made available in nine cities.

The previous two roadshows took place in Slovenia, Croatia, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. These initiatives were a success and had an important impact on local demand. Nearly all participating cities announced a formal interest in deploying hydrogen fuel cell buses. It also contributed to a higher understanding of the technology and its benefits to a large audience.

Byline: Reinis Alksnājs