How is Costain Accelerating Hydrogen Usage? 
As Costain make a pledge to a hydrogen future, HIL gives you an insight into the first two phases.

The South Wales Industrial Cluster (SWIC) deployment project, led by Costain, has been granted phase two funding of nearly £20m. 

This follows the successful completion of Phase One assessments looking at decarbonisation schemes and the infrastructure required for a hydrogen economy in South Wales. 

Phase Two of the project involves engineering studies to explore the routes to decarbonisation, including the use and production of a hydrogen supply, carbon capture usage and storage (CCUS) and CO2 shipping from South Wales. 

This would be the first CO2 shipping industry in the whole of the UK. It would also enhance the UK’s ability to locally manufacture low or net-zero carbon cement and steel products, helping to drive the low-carbon future of UK construction and other sectors.