Green Energy Ecosystem Development Planned for Indonesia
A memorandum of understanding between PT PLN’s subsidiary Subholding PLN Energi Primer Indonesia (PLN EPI), and Japan-based JERA Co. Inc., has been signed to advance the green energy ecosystem in Indonesia.


The collaboration will explore strategic cooperation in supply, supply chain optimization, and LNG infrastructure for PLN Group, and focuses on procurement, supply optimization, midstream LNG development, and human resource development.

Green and blue hydrogen will also be a key consideration in the partnership, as they explore the potential to replace fossil fuels in future projects.

It is hoped that the collaboration will transform PLN EPI into a world-class primary energy company, with Director Darmawan Prasodjo emphasising its significance in implementing primary energy management and transitioning towards green hydrogen as a future energy source.

JERA said: “By utilising JERA’s LNG expertise, JERA and PLN EPI will establish an LNG value chain for the power segment in Indonesia and will also study the possibility of converting to a hydrogen and ammonia value chain.”

The partnership, which aligns with Indonesia’s goal of net zero emissions by 2060, is hoped to advance the nation’s sustainable energy practices in the run up to their energy transition.