Germany’s Conjuncta to Unlock Africa’s Green Hydrogen Potential

Byline: Eric Maina

CEO and Partner Dr Stefan Liebing will share Conjuncta’s latest project developments in Mauritania and Angola, which position the continent as a major energy supplier to Europe.

Conjuncta GmbH CEO and Partner Dr Stefan Liebing will speak on Africa’s emerging green hydrogen markets at Invest in African Energy (IAE) 2024, as the German developer seeks to establish a green hydrogen value chain delivering exports from Africa to Europe.

Transforming Mauritania into a Major Hydrogen Exporter

Specialised in developing and financing investment projects in emerging markets, Conjuncta is leading the development of a $34-billion green hydrogen project in Mauritania, in partnership with Infinity Power.

Last March, the two companies signed an agreement with Mauritania’s Ministry of Petroleum, Mines and Energy for green hydrogen production, in which the project’s first phase will have an electrolysis capacity of 400 MW and be operational in 2028.

Capable of converting 10 GW of clean energy into green hydrogen, ammonia and other fuels, the plant is set to produce 8 million tons of green hydrogen per year for the international market and transform Mauritania into a major hydrogen exporter.

Organised by Energy Capital & Power, IAE 2024 is an exclusive forum designed to facilitate investment between African energy markets and global investors.

Angola’s First Hydrogen Facility

In Angola, Conjuncta is one of two German companies to sign an agreement with national oil company Sonangol for the implementation of a billion-dollar green hydrogen facility, featuring a planned capacity of 280,000 tons per year.

The factory will use green electricity produced from existing hydropower plants to generate hydrogen, which will then be converted to ammonia and exported.

By leveraging existing infrastructure, the facility is expected to come online as early as this year and could make Angola the first supplier of green hydrogen to Germany.

Both projects are at the forefront of driving Africa’s green hydrogen economy, capitalising on rising European demand for improved energy security.

A key focus of the upcoming forum will be on catalysing investment for transformative projects across Africa’s energy value chain, from oil and gas to renewables and green hydrogen.

IAE 2024 will explore new avenues for accessing project finance – with or without long-term off take agreements – as well as connect project developers directly with global sources of capital.