Germany To Develop ‘Green Hydrogen Ecosystem’
French-based Lhyfe recently announced that it has received approval from the German city of Schwäbish Gmünd (Baden-Württemberg) to develop a ‘local renewable green hydrogen ecosystem’. Hydrogen Industry Leaders look at the ecosystem and how it will help develop the region.

With a planned capacity of 10MW, the 10,000m2 ‘H2-Aspen’ site could produce four tonnes of hydrogen per day. A public hydrogen refuelling station and pipeline are also set to be constructed.

It is set to be operational in early 2024, and the hydrogen production facility will be powered by wind and solar installations.

Lhyfe has said that hydrogen will be used as a process gas by industrial customers and will be used as fuel for hydrogen-powered vehicles at refuelling stations.

The announcement comes after Lhyfe received over €100m ($117m) of investment during an initial public offering (IPO) in May 2022 and through this, it contributes to the company’s ambitions to ramp up the European green hydrogen market.