Funding Window Opens for Electrolysis Innovators
The Net Zero Technology Centre (NZTC) has opened a funding competition calling for solutions to improve electrolyser efficiency.

Up to £500,000 of funding, to be split between three to five technologies, is available to technology developers to accelerate the development of their electrolyser technology towards pilot or prototype level.

The funding competition has been launched as part of the Energy Hubs project, and encourages technology developers with technologies at a low TRL to apply.

It is hoped that improving the efficiency of electrolysers will enable the success of Energy Hubs that will integrate various energy vectors to meet national power demands and facilitate European and Worldwide energy export.

Darren Gee, NZTTP Programme Manager ETF at NZTC said: “Our latest call focusing on innovative electrolyser technologies supports sustainable hydrogen production and the development and feasibility of Energy Hubs. Our funding competitions always bring to the fore a dynamic range of technologies that drive progress toward global energy goals.”

Scottish Government Minister for Energy, Just Transition and the Fair Work Gillian Martin also commented: “The Scottish Government is helping fund this important research into cutting the cost of hydrogen production through our Energy Transition Fund. This will make hydrogen more attractive to exporters and help secure new markets for our abundant renewable energy resources.

“We are supporting innovative, green technologies to spur on the just transition, build a sustainable economy and help reach net zero.”

The five week funding window closes at 23:39 on Sunday 14 April 2024.